- Special Event at the ESA IC Point Makady
- ESA Instructor Examination in Germany
- Fair in Lisbon
- ESA in Spain
- ESA at the Boot Show
- ESA Courses in Ferrara - Italy
- An amazing experience!
- ESA Courses and the European Standards (CEN)
- ESA Instructor Evaluation in Germany

Special Event at the ESA IC Point Makady



From 21st until 27th of September at Makadi Bay, Red Sea, the first international festival for poor sighted and blind divers is taking place, organised by the Sight Disability Association (ADV).  Of the 16 blind participants, some have a vast experience as divers whereas others can enter into contact, for the first time, with the wonders that the coral reefs can offer giving unforgettable touch sensations to the poor sighted and blind diver. Apart from the said group of poor sighted divers there will also be an additional 10 divers made up of specially qualified dive buddies and dive guides, other guides will be arranged on location and headed by Barbara Alessi,  becoming experts in the system of guiding blind or poor sighted divers (invented by ADV) and known as “rudder” or “timone”.  The guides will be provided by the ESA IC Point “DIVING OCEAN”, who will take care of all the logistics and organisation.

The mascot for the expedition is called Pluto, the loyal companion of one of the participants; even though in Egypt the rules are not the same as in Italy where a blind person can enter in any public place with their guide dog, some objections have been overcome and Pluto will be able to carry out his role on the African Continent.  So tomorrow he will board the plane with the other passengers and follow his trusted owner throughout the whole trip and be welcomed in honour at Hurgarda Airport, where a special arrival procedure has been prepared, allowing him to carry out his role as guide dog for his owner during this diving holiday.

“For 40 years, the ADV, has been dedicated in helping to enrich the field of mobility for poor sighted persons in all aspects of life, schooling, working, access to culture and information to non traditional sports, for example, recreational diving, downhill and cross country skiing.  This festival, which is financed and deeply wanted by all involved, serves as an example to all in demonstrating how we can effectively react to improve the quality of life and experience for those with visual disabilities in Italy and the rest of the world.”

Avv. Giulio Nardone – President ADV, Hotel Prima Life, Makadi Bay -Tel. 0020 65 35 90 250 / 1,2,3,4,5.

ESA Instructor Examination in Germany

During the weekend of 27 may 2006 it was carried out one more ESA Examination in Germany, in the nice town of  Königsbrunn (Munchen).

All the candidates was excellently trained by the ESA Course Director Giovanni Casari and have well passed all the required ESA IE tests and obtained the ESA Instructor Certification as provided also by the European Standards EN 14413-2.

All the logistic was professionally provided by the new ESA IC Point TSC-AKWA: comfortable classroom, complete equipment, reserved swimming pool and open water dive site.

TSC-AKWA is a very nice diving club-school and it was established by a positive cooperation among Rupert Obster (Luigi) already operating in the dive industry from several years, Angelika Fritzsche-Wiesner (Bambi Instructor) and Kurt -Jürgen Fritzsche.

The diving base is placed very near a very wonderful lake were it is possible dive with a lot of fresh water fish, plants and other organisms.

The TSC-AKWA team have already planned the ESA Instructor standing education courses for the next weeks, for further informations please go to


Fair in Lisbon

For the first time this year, in Lisbon, it was organised a fair dedicated entirely to scuba diving.

ESA was present represented by the ESA Course Director Francisco Mesquita. A great number of people were very curious about the working system of  ESA because until now it had only existed three or four diving organisations. The conclusion of the fair was lots of contacts for courses of  all levels until instructors. We would like to thank Divepoint Ecoalga, Porto Covo, for their support during the fair.


ESA in Spain

The initiatives of the ESA Team toward its international growth-up are strongly continuing. The last, but not the least, is the participation to the "VII Saló de the Immersió" that has been kept from the 23 to the 27 of February to Conellà (Barcelona - Spain).

The fair of Barcelona has been revealed particularly interesting for the remarkable number of visitors and the number of exhibitors.

Once again the collaboration between Gaddo Risso and the ESA Team has facilitated numerous and positive contacts.

That's thanks to the elevated number of persons who have visited the attractive stand of the ESA College "Capo Galera" and the great job carried out by Cèsar Gràcia Herrera that has facilitated a number of positive relationship with the local scuba diving professionals and the authorities.

The participation of the ESA Course Director  Giuseppe Spissu has played a decisive role in planning the first ESA Instructors  course  in Catalunya.

The ESA educational system has been judged, simple, innovative and very suitable for the "work in the field". Particular appreciation to the fact that ESA is a scuba training agency established in Europe and in the Mediterranean area.

ESA at the Boot Show

To improve the serviced provided to the german speaking ESA Instructors and divers, the ESA Team has decided to participate at one of the most popular dive exhibition of the European Community: the "Boot Show" in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Also this year the success of the Boot Show was very great with a wide number of visitors and a wide volume of meetings, agreements and business activities.

Thanks to the good cooperation between ESA Team and Gaddo Risso (Manager of the ESA College "Diving Center Capo Galera"), we have been able to meet people in a nice exhibition area, placed in a central position of the hall n. 3, totally dedicate to scuba diving activities.

We have received a number of curious divers and several scuba professionals interested about ESA system, procedures and products.

The ESA Professionals have been able to meet the ESA Training Manager and receive new informations and several explanations about the EN certifications obtained by ESA in the first months of 2005 with some directives about the procedures that the ESA Instructors have to respect and carry out every time they are starting an ESA course.

During the meetings, ESA Team has introduced some of the ESA innovationes planned for the 2006 that they will be launch to the Eudi Show 2006 (March 10 - 13 in Genoa - Italy).

A positive experience that have consolidated the relationship among ESA and the ESA Professional, created new contacts and collected interesting inputs useful to increase ESA expansion in the north of Europe.

Good job for the ESA Instructor Course Director (Instructor Trainer) Giovanni Casari (Manager of the ESA IC Point "Kykeion" in Geneva) that it has been able to establish interesting relationships of collaboration with German structures interested to the planning of the courses for ESA Instructors (ESA IC/QP).

ESA Courses in Ferrara - Italy

At the “Petrolchimico’s CRAL” of Ferrara is born the ESA Scuba School. The “Petrolchimico’s CRAL” was established 15 years ago to promote diving for the certified people.

The cooperation with ESA due to the activities carried out by the ESA Diveleader Instructor Giuseppe Gardenghi, has transformed the diving dept. of the club in a well addressed scuba school with six Assistant Instructor.

The CRAL (operating in Ferrara since 1954) with 2000 members represent the most important

leisure club of the city and the province. This means a number of ESA scuba courses candidates and a great success in divers training and certification.

Beyond the ESA Open Water Diver course just finished some days ago, in august will be organized one more ESA Open Water Diver course and a ESA Advanced Diver Course. In October it will possible to participate to the ESA Prevention & Rescue Diver and ESA Diveleader Courses.

Finally, in the spring of 2006 the ESA IC Director Giuseppe Spissu will conduct the ESA Instructor Course.

The picture show teachers and students during the certification party.

Many compliment from ESA Team!!!  

An amazing experience!

For the second consecutive year the ESA Point Idra Diving, located in Porto Pozzo (north of Sardinia – Italy), has hosted the students of the “Scuola Media Statale Massimo D'Azeglio di Lucarno (Genova - Italy)”. The teachers of the school, sea and diving enthusiastics, have contaminated that  enthusiasm to their students. In fact, also this July, the students have enjoyed the beauty of the scuba diving thanks the participation to the ESA Easy Dive ed ESA Smile Diver programs. The amazing scenarios of the North Sardinian Sea Archipelago (Arcipelago della Maddalena)  and the charismatic professionalism of the ESA Instructors
Paola e Pietro (owners of the Idra Diving Dive Centre) have set up a magic and unforgettable atmosphere.

ESA Team wish many compliments and all the best to the staff of Idra Diving!!! 

ESA Courses and the European Standards (CEN)

The ESA Educational System has successfully passed the required tests to obtain the certification of conformity to the Recreational Scuba Diving European Standards as sanctioned by the CEN (European Committee For Standardization).
That standards were established after a long period of studies and revisions carried out by a qualified committee including delegation of scuba diving agencies, consumer organizations and the authorities of the European Governments. For this reason the ESA certification cards will include a writing reference to the specific European Standard, in order to officially state the certification level. Herewith the list of the ESA courses that have obtained the certification: ESA New Diver (EN 14153-1); ESA Open Water Diver (EN 14153-2); ESA Diveleader (EN 14153-3); ESA Assistant Instructor (14413-1); ESA Open Water Instructor (EN 14153-2). 

This certification is the result of a rigorous evaluation procedures and permit to the most popular scuba training agencies to prove the complete conformity of their courses to the European Rules.

A further confirmation of internationalism, seriousness, professionalism and quality of ESA System and it’s will to support ESA Professionals and ESA Points. 

ESA Instructor Evaluation in Germany

This 10 of October, in München, have taken place an ESA Instructor Evaluation.   

There was already some ESA Instructors, speaking German, that was working in many scuba vacation sites around the world and that was certifying a number of ESA German speaking divers.

These are two of the reasons that have pushed ESA Team to translate, as the first one, the ESA Open Water Diver Manual in Germany.

Personal experience and professionalism of the participant and the very good job carried out by the ESA Professionals Giovanni Casari and Uwe Ittner  was the key of the success of the ESA IE.

Theory sections was carried out at the scuba shop “Blue Dolphin’s Tauchsport”. In water activities was conducted in a amazing and quite small like near München.

ESA Team want to thanks a lot Uwe Ittner and Giovanni Casari for the special cooperation and wish to the new ESA Instructor the best success.  

The ESA IC Point “Acque Limpide” is one of the most experienced dive centre in the Mediterranean Sea, the first and famous in Catania. During the IE closing session, the local diver’s Grandfather Gianfranco Sciuto has given the ESA Instructor Certification to the participants that have positively finished the evaluation session.

ESA Team wish all the participant the best season, rich in success! 


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