Agreements & Recognitions

Escudo Generalitad de catalunya

As sancioned by the "RESOLUCIÓ AAR/579/2009, de 4 de març" the ESA Educational System has successfully passed the required tests and obtained the official recognition by the Catalan Authorities. The ESA Instructor can easily apply to the Spanish Authorities in order to obtain the official authorization to conduct ESA courses.

ESA Training System obtained the ISO certification for the following courses: ESA Junior New Diver, New Diver (ISO 24801-1), Junior Open Water Diver, Open water Diver (ISO 24801-2), Diveleader (ISO 24801-3), Assistant Instructor (ISO 24802-1) e Open Water Instructor (ISO 24802-2).

ISO "International Organization for Standardization", is largest worldwide organization for the development and editing of international standards. it includes member from 157 countries.



The ESA Educational System has successfully passed the required tests and obtained the certification of conformity to the Recreational Scuba Diving European Standards as sanctioned by the CEN (European Committee For Standardization). Certification levels: EN 14153 - 1/2/3;  EN 14413 - 1/2


ESA is recognized by the Egyptian Government and in accordance with it, ESA can officially operate in this country and the ESA Professionals can obtain the job license through their ESA certification.

Region of Sardinia - According to regional law n. 9/99 of 26.02.1999, ESA is a recognized training agency (authorization n. 23 of 11.01.2002.)

Region of Liguria - According to regional law n. 19 of 04.07.2001, ESA is a recognized training agency (authorization n. 284 of 22.03.2002.)

ESA is a IRC Comunità member


ESA is a CMAS member (Confèderation Mondiale des Activitès Subaquatiques).

(World Underwater Federation)

ESA e DAN undersigned a co-operation agreement related to training matter.

ESA and Reserved Marine Area of Miramare undersigned a co-operation agreement. Based on this, ESA Ecodiver certified divers can obtain several benefits.

As from this year ESA is a member of CIAS ( Italian Confederation of Diving Activities). Through an agreement with the Italian Underwater Federation, the ESA is included in the international organization recognized by the CMAS.
FEE is the organism that annually assigns the “Blue Flag” of Europe. ESA is a Jury member and from this year will estimate the underwater aspects of the several location considered.
ESA and ACSI underwrite an agreement of general collaboration By virtue of such agreement all the ESA Point and ESA Professional will be automatically able to become ACSI/CONI centers using of all the deriving advantages.
ESA /SNS Co-operation agreement (National Safety Society)

ESA is associated to the Federnautica (Italian Nautical Federation Tourist Enterprises).

Federnautica is a Confcommercio / Confturismo organism.


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