ESA and the Environment

The diving industry, under all its aspects, is based on an element too often underestimated: the thrilling for the discovery of our planet’s underwater world. This curiosity will raise and facilitate all the diving industry when using enthusiastic expressions to describe underwater environments, promoting their charming aspects and increasing seas awareness. Unfortunately the above mentioned isn’t always the case; often news on pollution level is dreadful and the media displays the “water” element as worry maker rather than a relaxing and fun resource. This analysis must give birth to a deeper reflection on the actual situation causes. Surely we could explain different reasons and elements involved in these negative circumstances and make a list of events that, more or less, have impact on the underwater environment; however we want to condense everything in one word that represents the true cause of this alarming ecological situation: Man!

The human impact during the latest decades provoked damages, sometimes irreversibly. But thanks to new and better relation between man and sea, it will be possible to give the right value and importance to underwater environments of our planet.

  Regarding this new awareness, divers have a special role: while other humans have only an indirect knowledge about this ecosystem, divers enter, even temporary, this underwater world visiting and observing a rich variety of animal and vegetable species and shapes. At the same time, divers become the first and direct witnesses of the negative impact some human actions can provoke. Diving regularly at the same dive site, divers can understand and be aware    of every positive or negative alteration that human impact can produce and, because of this, they can help planning new protection patterns to maintain and improve underwater environmental conditions. During the last years, there is development of a tighter collaboration between environmental organizations, public authorities, scientific field and diving community. It’s easy to understand how those organizations can have more success with their initiatives only with divers support and direct observation. This is the reason why it’s so strong the need of new divers more and more aware of their role of underwater” guardians”. From the academic preparation to the practical diving training, from the creation of specific programs to the conception of educational material, everything has been planned and produced with the purpose to train divers with a high awareness of their environmental responsibilities and proper underwater world knowledge.

  For ESA, the environment education is not just linked to some specific diving specialty about this field; environmental knowledge and protection concept has been extended to every training section and integrated with other information related to any course level. This takes place during ESA Professional training too, because ESA instructors have the task to train the kind of divers as above. They have the responsibility to plan and conduct diving activities for divers, single or in a group, willing to visit the best reefs in different spots of our planet. A diving professional knows the importance of an uncontaminated environment.  He is perfectly aware how the decay of a diving attractive level related to a particular site can affect the number of divers willing to dive there. In conclusion, a diving professional knows how much the environmental protection theme is joined, till to become a unit, to the defense of those environmental conditions on which his diving activity is based. ESA professional training system has been projected bearing these environmental considerations in mind: preparing Diveleader more and more trained and conscious of divers impact on underwater bottom and inhabitants, and instructors more and more aware to not just train divers to dive in complete safety but also to teach them how to appreciate and better understand the underwater environment they are going to visit. ESA Instructor Course Directors are trained to transmit to future instructors the full meaning of their responsibility on accomplishing their profession.

These are the targets of ESA diving training system.

9 simple rules to respect the environment



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