rinnovo esa

rinnovo ESA 2018

ESA renewal 2018

renovaciˇn ESA 2018

ESA Erneuerung 2018

renouvellement ESA 2018


Dear ESA Point / ESA Professional,

We are sure that you will continue to be at our side and for this reason we remember you that on 31st  December  your ESA Active Affiliation wil be expired.

The only exception is for who has obtained the ESA Point/Professional qualification after the date of 1st September 2017.

To be able  to continue to promote and manage ESA Activities is necessary to renew your own one and the insurance liability.


- You have to renew the ESA First Aid Instructor fee if you have the FAI qualification (if owned, the fee cover also the ESA OFAI)

- You can renew both ESA Instructor and ESA First Aid Instructor with a unique payment of € 160,00.

- Is not necessary to renew the ESA Specialty Instructor qualification since they are included in the above mentioned fee.

- Company or organization that have more tha one ESA Point have to pay the total fee for the first (highest) structure and the provided reduced fees for the others, please see the following subsequent fees:

a) € 100,00 for ESA Scuba Point - b) € 100,00 for ESA IC Point - c) € 100,00 for ESA College

Every ESA Point renewed with this procedure will receive all the provided benefits

(*) If you stay and work in a territory covered by an ESA Regional Office (ie. ESA Egypt) you have to renew your affiliation directly with your local office.

The 2018 membership fees are:

- ESA Diveleader / Assistant Instructor / Aqualeader: € 70,00

- ESA OW Instructor / DL Instructor / PL Instructor / Master Instructor /IC Director: € 140,00

- ESA First Aid Instructor: € 27,00

- ESA Instructor + ESA First Aid Instructor: € 160,00

- ESA Diveleader / Assistant Instructor / Aqualeader + ESA First Aid Instructor: € 95,00

- ESA College: € 460,00

- ESA IC Point: € 360,00

- ESA Scuba Point: € 260,00

Renewal fee could be paid through credit transfer to:

ESA Worldwide
IBAN: IT55A0760117200000094951894

thank you for choosing ESA Worldwide as your professional training agency

beast Regards

ESA Team


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